Visa interview – the opportunity to see my fiancé again

Holding a passport with visa in it

As some of you already know from a previous blog post, me and my fiancé are living not only in 2 different countries, but on 2 different continents. Long distance relationship is being hard and rough sometimes. Mostly because we miss each other so much. We see a friend, family and soulmate in each other, and it’s really difficult to live far away from the only one person I could talk to about everything at anytime.

“I want to share every second with him, I want to tell him everything I see and feel, I just want to spend my whole life with him.”

The visa interview is coming

Tomorrow is my big day. The appointment I’ve been waiting for since January. I’m going to the Embassy to have my visa interview. Because of my previous visas, it is getting harder every time I apply for a new visa, they are going to ask me why I want to go again, what am I going to do there, why I want to spend so much time there, how can I pay for all of this, and so on… it is really going deep in your life, and I never understood, why I have to tell every detail of my life to an officer. I’ve never done anything bad, I’ve never overstayed my legal time there, I’ve been working so hard since I was 16, and I don’t understand why they always mess with the good people.

But hopefully everything will go smooth and they will issue the visa for me. Even in this case, probably I have to wait until July to go there, because last time I’ve entered the country, the border officers didn’t know the right information and rules about my visa, they’ve put me in a status where I’m not supposed​ to be in. Thanks to their fault, now I have difficulties to go to their country, as a tourist.

I hate being in this situation and I wish it was over, but until then we are fighting for each other every day, no matter how hard it is, we’re going to get over it and finally be together and never let each other go away again.

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