The Gabriel Miami, Curio Collection by Hilton

Downtown Miami view from The Gabriel Miami

We have visited The Gabriel Hilton hotel in Miami for 3 days in September. We are frequent visitors in Miami, Downtown Miami, Miami Beach since we live about 30 minutes away from Miami.

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The Gabriel Miami

We had 3 days at this hotel and this is one of our favorites! The hotel inside is beautiful, it’s located in a perfect spot in downtown Miami so we can’t complain about the view either! Especially if you go upstairs to the 14th floor, where the pools are, you have a panoramic view to Miami.

pools at the Gabriel Hilton hotel miami
The pools at The Gabriel Hilton hotel

There are FOUR different pools – 2 jacuzzis, 1 swimming pool and 1 infinity pool. How cool is that? It is not so common that a city hotel has so many pools, most of them has only one. We were so impressed by the pools!

Moreover, the infinity pool is never closed! Wow! This is something that’s just amazing! We were able to play around in the late evening, nobody was there, the whole pool was just ours! (And we could take our nice photos without bothering anybody) 🙂

The rooms

Our room was a King room with a balcony, which was spacious and beautiful!

bedroom at the Gabriel miami
Don’t mind it, it’s a little messy already, since the first thing we do is to jump in the bed as soon as we arrive. Sorry!

The bed was extra comfortable, I personally loved the bathroom with the little extra touch, that it had a curtain around the shower. So elegant and gorgeous.

shower and bathroom in Gabriel miami
Beautiful curtain shower, my favorite part of the room

The whole room is a little high-tech, with touch light-controlling. It took a little while to figure out how to get the right light turn up. But after all, there are beautiful lights in the room.

The restaurant and pool bar

We have been to the restaurant called CVLTVRA three times and at the pool bar twice.

The food that we’ve had: The G burger, Turkey club sandwich, Fried Yucca Croquettes, Grilled Chimichurri Baby chicken, King Salmon, and Fried Chicken Sandwich.

The drinks that we’ve had: La Rosita cocktail.

passionfruit cocktails in miami
Cocktails at the CVLTVRA restaurant

The food experience was really good, everything that we had was excellent. The service was a bit slow every time we went to the restaurants. But the servers were very nice, we were very satisfied with their manners and respectful behavior.

Let me take a moment here to mention the restaurant manager gentleman and the front desk lady, who checked us in and recognize their awesome attitude and friendliness.

The Spa

We have decided to go to the spa, since the weather was a little tricky, raining at one moment and sunshine at the other.

We booked a couple massage, and because they couldn’t start in time they offered us 2 complimentary services. One full pedicure and one hot body scrub.

pedicure in miami
Pedicure at The Gabriel Miami

I enjoyed the pedicure so much, it was the best pedicure ever! And the technician lady is super nice and friendly.

One thing that could’ve been better if they ask us at the massage what kind of massage we prefer or where are the preferable parts of the body. But it was okay, we got a full body massage. And both of us enjoyed it.


Overall, we had a really great experience and would love to go back soon.

Thank you Gabriel for everything! 🙂

night photo with a couple in miami
Night picture at the Gabriel Miami

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