Is it hard to love somebody from 6000 miles away?

Missing your love every day is the hardest in a long distance relationship


Think about each other 24/7, if he is okay if he is safe. The inability to protect him, to take care of him, to tell him every day to drink enough water and don’t live on junk food, to tell him to take his medicine for his serious disease.

I remember waking up every morning next to him, while he was sleeping I was watching how he is taking slow, deep breaths. He was so peaceful and calm. I wish every day was like this.

But I had to leave.


Living in 2 different countries

I cannot stay in the country, where he lives. And he cannot stay in the country, where I live.

Life is so ironic.

After so many years spent with the wrong people, who made me cry, who hurt me, who put scars on my soul, that took years to heal. People who treated me like I wish my daughter would never be treated like this. Wasted so much time with these people, hoping for real love…

Now that I found the love of my life, my happiness, my everything, the person I want to spend the rest of my life with, life gives me another hard lesson. To live in a long distance relationship. 

Life doesn’t let me be with my other half. A lot of times I ask myself, why is this happening? And all the time I remember the quote, that followed me through the years: Everything happens for a reason. So there must be a reason for this as well.

2019 is our year!

We just want to be together. That’s it. Very simple.

Every day we are working so hard to make this happen, and hopefully, this year brings joy and happiness to our lives, because when we are together we are enjoying life to the fullest.

Nothing can break us apart. Not even the big distance…

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