Key West – 5 most instagrammable places

key west southernmost point
Key West

It was a very hot day in the beginning of July. My skin was burning from the sun and the car seats were hot as lava, but we were so happy to finally be able to go somewhere together because our workplace never gave us days off on the same days. We got 2 full days, so we decided to go to Key West since we have been in Miami, South Beach so many times. I want to show you 5 places, which are very popular and you can take perfect photos for your Instagram feed!

1. Southernmost point

The place where you have to wait in line just to take 2 pictures and then you have to leave to give space to other people, who want to take the best Insta photo. It is a unique, painted buoy that marks the southernmost point of the US, and it is only 90 miles away from Cuba. Some people might say that they can see Cuba from this point, but we’ve only seen the ocean all around us. It was built in 1983 and became one of the top photographed places in the United States.

Key west southernmost point
Key West – Southernmost point

2. Sunset cruise around Key West

One of my favorite activities in Key West and I highly recommend you to go on is a sunset cruise. It is absolutely gorgeous, an amazing experience to go around the island, look at it from every aspect. The tour guide probably will tell you awesome secrets, that only locals know. Some of the cruises offer food and drink included in the price, on our boat we got sushi, dessert, champagne, beer, cocktails – we could not ask for better! And don’t forget to mention the stunning sunset with hundreds of other boats, jet-skis, tiki-floats. So relaxing and romantic experience, if you go with your partner.

sunset in key west
Sunset in Key West

3. Key West Lighthouse

The Key West Lighthouse is the 15th oldest lighthouse still standing in the US. If you are willing to climb up the 88 steps to the observation deck, then you will have one of the best views in Key West. You can take some pictures from the top of the lighthouse, but personally, I liked it better from the ground. It gave me the feeling of a little old town, just as I felt myself the whole time in Key West. It’s cute, it’s old and feels like you are in another world.

Key west Lighthouse
Key West lighthouse

4. Fort Zachary Taylor State Park

Key west beach
Rocky beach in Key West

You will be able to take some magical pictures of the fort, but what’s more instagrammable is the beach of the state park. The water is crystal blue, the sun is shining continuously and you don’t want to leave this beautiful place. I wish we had some more time there, but we were on a quite tight schedule to see everything, so we just did a quick photo shoot and left. If I would have had more time there, I definitely would stay for at least a day to spend on the beach just relaxing.

5. Butterfly museum

Butterfly in the conservatory

I was always obsessed with butterflies. If you share this same passion with me, you will love the butterfly conservatory in Key West. They keep 50-60 different butterfly species, 20 exotic bird species in a magical environment full of plants, trees, and flowers. As you walk through the path, you will meet hundreds of butterflies and take amazing pictures with them. If you are a big flamingo fan, you can capture some of them as well and put on your Instagram, I guarantee the success.

One extra tip:

Rent out a little car for yourselves, it is much easier to go around with this, so you don’t have to walk under the hot sun.
Everybody on the street asked us how we got it and told us how good we looked in it!

yellow car
Our little yellow car in Key West

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