How to turn your passion into income?

Are you stuck in a job that you hate? A job that doesn’t give you any joy or fulfillment? A job where you cannot wait to finish and go home?

You are not alone. You are in the 85 % of the people who hate their jobs. That sounds horrible. A lot of time I ask myself why is this have to be like this. People hate the job, their bosses, the income is too low, they are living from paycheck to paycheck, from month to month, without ever feeling freedom financially and personally.

Get out of the rat race

For some reason I think I am very lucky that I have realized these things pretty early in my life. So I started taking actions, and took control of my own life.

I never wanted to be somebody’s employee, I could never stand that bosses and colleagues tell me what to do and how to do. I HATED IT. ALWAYS.

Most importantly, get out of the rat race! The 9-5 jobs, the 6 am-6 pm jobs, the 9 am-11 pm jobs, and so on. I don’t like when a lot of time people mention ONLY the 9-5 jobs because that’s really unrealistic. So many people working much worse shifts, than the 9-5. Like I did. Sometimes 14-16 hours shifts. Auuuuchh.

quit your job, hate your job, low income

Why so many people hate their jobs?

Because it’s not their passion. They do something just to get money from somewhere. While in the meantime the corporate jobs, everyday high-level stress, no freedom, no free time, no fun activities and a whole bunch of other factors are killing them.

Sometimes people hide their passion. Sometimes they don’t even know if they one because they’ve never discovered it.

It’s important to have something that give us fulfillment and fun in the everyday life. When you spend your days with doing something that you hate, with people you hate, in an environment that you hate: You will burnout. Quickly.

Discover you passion and turn it into income

Try to think about it, what is your real passion? What do you like to do? What is giving you a real fun time? What is the activity that you don’t have enough time for, but you would love to do?

It’s crazy, but now, in 2019, EVERYTHING CAN TURN INTO INCOME.

Just look at the way how people are playing video games, record themselves, put it online and making millions of dollars from it.

OR people selling online, without ever touching any products.

OR people posting selfies on Instagram and getting paid for it.

The opportunities are unlimited right now.

What you have to do, is only to find your passion and find a good business strategy to make money out of it.

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Of course you got it!

You don’t have to stuck in the situation forever

Go find your passion: sports, arts, photography, painting, singing, video recording, writing, helping other people, philosophy, teaching, DIY stuff, online world/websites/blogs/etc., it can be ANYTHING! That you love to do.

And then start thinking about it, how you could generate income from it. If nothing comes to your mind, ask your friends, family, sometimes even strangers can give you really good ideas. Go online, Facebook, Google and start researching in the topic.

100% you will find some interesting ideas that can make you money while you are able to serve your passion.

If you are even more serious about your life-changing, you can get a business coach, a life coach, who can help you figure out what can be the next step. Even books or podcasts can give you a lot of great ideas, that you have never thought about.

If you are interested in starting your own business, check out this post, where I give you some ideas how to start it!

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