How to quit your job in your 20’s?

 quit your job and live your dream, girl on the beach of Bahamas

5 steps to quit your job while you are in your 20’s

How many times have you thought about quitting your job? How many times you wanted to say: f*ck it, I don’t wanna do this, I hate this! How many times you have dreamed about a life where you don’t have to listen to anybody, you can just be your own boss and make your money, go on vacation, be with your friends & family and live a life you really deserve?

If any of these questions relate to you, you are on the right place! My answer to all these questions above: TOO MANY TIMES!

I’ve always hated my jobs, hated my bosses, not like personally, but the fact that they are telling me what to do, how to do, and if you are not doing it “right”, they cuss you out, don’t respect you, just because you are under them…

I hated waking up to alarm clock every day, I hated being on schedule all the time, I didn’t have free time, I never get the chance to go to the gym or hang out with friends, because I was always stuck at my workplace.

One ONE thing that I’ve always wanted… be my own boss.

So when I was 23, I’ve started my first online business, 6 months later I quit my old job and ever since I’ve never worked for anyone else, but myself. I’ve opened one more business since, I am managing 3 social media pages, I’ve built all my websites by myself – for myself, and currently I am working something new too. But it’s a secret.

Today I am going to show you the first 5 steps you need to do, in order to do the same as me, quit your job, build your own business, be your own boss, be free, live your life on your own terms, and make money from your own living room, or from a beach between 2 swimming.  😁

digital nomad life after quit your job, girl sitting on the beach
Usually this is how my “workplace” looks like 🙂

1. Have a plan!

My motto is: Never, ever start something without a plan! You must have a plan for the future, near future and long-term future. Otherwise, how are you gonna reach your goals, how are you gonna keep track on your improvement? You must have some plans, and we all know that plans usually don’t work out as the way we imagine in the beginning, BUT you can write down some milestones, some main goals that create the route to your dream life.

So the first step is, sit down in a quiet and peaceful environment, start writing down your goals. After you finish with that, start writing what you need to achieve those goals. Now you have your goals and what you need to do to reach them, the last question is: HOW can you reach them.

If you have your goals written down, it’s easier to keep them in mind and work everyday towards them.

Set a date, when you would like to reach those goals. And be very specific. For example: I want to buy the new iPhone. I need 1000 dollars for it. Every week I can save 200 dollars. So in one month I should be able to buy it.

BUT, for your plans to work out, you have to be accountable. You have to be trustworthy to yourself. You can’t save 200 dollars today and then waste your 200s on the other weeks, because then at the end of the month, you are not able to achieve your main goal, that you have set before.

That is why a plan is very important.

planner notebook
Making a plan is important!

Try this daily planner to set daily goals, then you can do weekly, monthly and 1-year plan!

2. Have enough money saved up

This is crucial, as a responsible adult (hopefully  😁) you have to have enough money before you can quit your job. You need to work for a few months or a few years, just to save up some money, so you can work towards your dreams! My opinion is to save up enough money for at least 4-6 months.

In order to reach this goal, you need to think ahead. You need to save some money from every paycheck, you need to cut back on your spendings, especially spending on stup*d things. You don’t need another shirt, you don’t need another jeans, you don’t need another pair of shoes. Only buy things, that you really need. The more money you can save up, the earlier you are able to quit your job, the earlier you can reach to live your dream life! Easy!

saving money piggy bank
Saving money before you can quit your job

3. Start your business before you quit your job

This is how I’ve done it, and so this is what I recommend to other people to do as well. It gives you security and time. Besides your regular daily job, start doing something in your free time. Something that can be your future full-time business.

There are several options to start your own online business, I give you some ideas: write an ebook and sell it on amazon, start selling products on eBay/Amazon, set up a dropshipping store, start a successful social media page, start a podcast, investing in stocks, or go with the traditional business plans: open a regular store or service-based business, like as a photographer, fitness coach, nail technician, and the variety of business ideas are infinite. You need to know what you are good at, or what you would like to do!

I mentioned traditional business plans as well, not only online businesses because I know that there are a lot of people who are afraid of the online place. But of course, if you want a fully automated income generator business, where you don’t have to be present all the time, you need to go with the online business ideas.
quit your job be a business woman working on laptop
Work on your dreams…

4. Create a money plan

I know right, a plan again. But yes…you need this more than anything! Firstly, write down your weekly, monthly spendings and categorize them. There are ones that you HAVE TO, ones that you NEED TO (but you can cut back on them), and one that you LIKE TO spend.

Let me give you some examples, have to spend: rent or electricity bill, need to: phone bill – you could choose a cheaper plan, to cut back on expenses, but you still need a phone service, like to buy a new necklace or another t-shirt – absolutely unnecessary.

Count a grand total for all your expenses and then choose some of the items, that you can and you will cut back on.

Write down the amount of money that you are making right now, and count the amount of money that you have left and how much you can save up each month.

This plan will give you and show you the position that you are in right now.

In the money plan, you can write down what is your dream income, that you’d like to earn each month. Be realistic though, of course everybody wants to earn 1 million dollar per month, but it’s not gonna happen. Set an income goal that seems achievable.

What is the income goal, where you can say that you can quit your day job with confident and you not gonna have any problems without having that day job income. And when would you like to achieve it. A good estimation usually is about 6-12 months when you stay realistic. But of course, there are situations when this can be much shorter.

IMPORTANT! This income goal that you just set for yourself it only applies to your side job, to your new income stream, that you are about to start! It does NOT include the money you earn in your daily job.
create a money plan before quit your job
Create your money plan

5. Have the right mindset & peace

Now, that you have plans for the future, it is time to work on your mindset. It is very important to be in a peaceful state of mind. You can’t be upset, anxious, depressed, nervous all the time because you are not gonna reach your goals. All you need is a clear mind and a peaceful environment, where you can be creative and productive. You can’t be distracted all the time, otherwise, nothing is gonna be done.

And you have to believe in it! You have to believe in your idea, in your plans and in yourself, that you can do it.

meditation, right mindset is important for a business owner
Need to have a right mindset for a successful business

If you constantly think, that you never gonna move up, you never gonna have enough money, you will stuck in the situation that you are in right now, you need to clear off your mind and believe if other people can do it, YOU CAN too! You can’t degrade yourself just because you are in a certain situation.

Nothing is impossible, but you have to start it and work for it!

In my next blog, I will show you how you can start an online business!

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