How to get a B1/B2 visa?

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How to get a tourist visa?

I am so happy to tell you that my B1/B2 visa interview went well, and my application was approved in the embassy! I would like to help you, who are thinking to apply or have an appointment already and want to get ready for the visa interview!

1. step: Find out, if that is the right visa for you

A B1/B2 visa is good for people who want to travel to the USA for up to 6 months, or who has some business-related meeting, conference, etc. The tourist visa is the B2 and the business is B1, but usually, they give it together, as B1/B2 visa. The most important thing you have to know about this visa is that you cannot work in the USA, while you are on this visa. You can do researching, business meetings, participate in business training, but you cant actual working. Also, if you are from a country, which allows you to have an ESTA “visa”, you can apply for it online and go to the USA for up to 3 months, as a tourist, then you don’t need a B1/B2 tourist visa. If you think, you still need a tourist visa, then do the application online.

2. step: Apply for the visa online

You have to go to the US Government site, and fill out the DS-160 form. Here is the link to the form:
You will need a passport photo, which has very strict restrictions, read them here before you start the application:
After you fill out the form, you have to book a visa interview appointment. To book the appointment, you need to visit the website of the US Embassy in your country. For me, the wait time was more than a month, so think about to apply for the visa in advance! By the way, the cost for this is $160, and you have to pay it, before you can book an appointment. You will receive an email with the appointment, print that out because they will ask for it on the interview day!

3. step: The B1/B2 visa interview

You must bring the followings with you:
-DS-160 form
-application confirm page
Other than these, you should bring documents, that support your case to get the visa. For example bank statements, to prove that you have enough money to travel, invitation letter, trip plan, documents that showing a strong connection to your country(marriage certificate, children, property ownership, evidence of employment, monthly bills, and so on…)

In my case, they didn’t ask for any of these, but that doesn’t mean, they won’t ask for them in anybody else’s case!

At the interview, the consul asked me some questions: What is the purpose of my traveling, how long I’m gonna be staying, where I’m gonna stay, do I have a current employer, did I go to the States before, and what did I do for living there. (Because I’ve spent 2 years in the US before.)

All together it takes about 5 minutes to get through, then he said a few days and they will inform me when the visa is ready. In the same day afternoon, I got the email, that my passport is ready to pick up!

4. step: Get a plane ticket!

Yayyy! Now you have your tourist visa, you can buy your plane ticket and fly to the beautiful America! Don’t buy your tickets or make hotel reservations, before your visa is approved. Once you have the visa in your hand, you can make plans and travel to the US!

Important notice: Usually they give you the tourist visa for 10 years, BUT you can only stay up to 6 months at a time. At the border security, when you enter the country, they will stamp or write a date, when you have to leave the country. Do NOT overstay your time, because you will become illegal and this may affect your future entries to the US.

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Welcome to America, the land of dreams!

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  1. actually this is a right visa for a tourist and they can save money, apply first and approve then you can have a travel plan to US, some country if you want a tourist visa they ask your plane ticket back and port also your hotel accommodation and then you fail on your visa. waste of money of plane ticket and accommodation.

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