The short story of me

When I was a little girl I've always dreamed about how my adult life is going be.

I've dreamed of a lot of traveling, trying out new adventures, opening up my own coffee shop, enjoying my cute and cosy home with my lovely family - husband and kids.

As I was growing up I realized that everything depends on me. I was 21, when I started traveling, I've moved to the other side of the world and started my journey.

Along the way I've met so many good people, made a lot of friends and also I got to know my fiancee. He shares the same dreams and goals with me since 2017.

We opened up our own business, and travel as much as we can. We love doing adventurous trips and try new activities.

As I look back and see what the little me was dreaming about, I can tell her: everything is on its way, just need to be patient and everything you dream about will come true one day.

But ONE most important thing I've learned so far: you have to take action in order to make your dreams and goals come true!