6 facts about female entrepreneurs

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1. We are working so hard

Some of us maybe has 2 jobs, kids, family and STILL working on our dreams! We don’t let the world tell us we can’t do something! We CAN and we WILL make it happen!

2. Sometimes we don’t have mornings and evenings

We just go with the flow. Try to get things done, but the thing is: It’s a never-ending story if you are a female entrepreneur! We can work until 4 in the morning, we will still have 1000 other things to do tomorrow.

3. We have to take care of the house

Make breakfast, cook lunch & dinner, washing dishes, doing laundry, cleaning the bathroom, vacuuming, making the bed, ironing, and the list goes on…we are all responsible for all of these on top of our business to-dos. Sometime we just wish for a chef and a cleaning lady… hahaha.

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4. We are trying to take care of ourselves too

Have to squeeze in some times for the gym, chatting with our girlfriends, go to our yoga lesson, do some shopping and spend time with hubby…oh! and of course, mani-pedi, get our hair done, and some other important women needs.  😅

5. We need some time to relax

YES! Those hot baths with a bath bomb and some scented candles. Closed eyes, peace & quiet, when we don’t wanna think about anything, especially not work-related. Yes, we need these times to recharge and start with a fresh mind.

6. We love doing what we doing!

With all the craziness and busy times, after all, we all love what we are doing! This is our passion and this makes us moving towards our big goals as female entrepreneur!

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