Baker’s Cay Resort Key Largo

Beautiful beach, amazing pool with waterfalls, mouthwatering food, excellent service and a great variety of entertainment – this is the Baker’s Cay Resort Key Largo.

5 must-do when you are at the Baker’s Cay Resort

1. Get a pina colada and relax in the ocean

bakers cay resort key largo
Just enjoying my cocktail while floating in the ocean

The water here feels so good, I’ve heard some other guests saying it’s like the Bahamas! It’s warm and calm, you can get a floaty, kayak, paddle-board, or just enjoy the waves while you are sipping on that great Pina colada from the Tiki Bar.

Be careful though, there are some mini-sharks and manatees, they usually don’t bother/hurt people, but I like to be careful and get out the water when I see them. (And also I am terrified of the things living in the ocean. My bad, sorry. )

2. Try the Mexican infused beach restaurant: Dry Rocks

OMG! So delicious! I think I’ve tried almost everything from their menu and I can tell: they taste amazing! What you can see on the pictures are the shrimp tacos, Ellotes Relleno and Tostada. Love them so so much! Another favorite is the loaded yucca appetizer and the churros for dessert. They all very affordable, and there is a high chance that you have to take some with you because the portion is big enough.

dry rocks restaurant at bakers cay resort
Dry Rocks restaurant and bar at Baker’s Cay Resort

3. Enjoy the beautiful pool

The pool is absolutely one of my favorite pools in the Florida Keys area. It has 2 different sides, one only adults side and the other one is the family side. It has a bar, a little food truck, a lot of beach chairs and in the middle there is the wonderful waterfall. You can take some amazing pictures by the pool posing with the waterfall, just like I did! Oh, and I almost forgot, they have a hot jacuzzi too!

pool at the baker's cay resort key largo
Beautiful pool with waterfall at the Baker’s Cay Resort Key Largo

4. Go for dinner in Calusa restaurant

This is an upscale restaurant in Baker’s Cay Resort, perfect for a romantic dinner or celebrating birthday/anniversary. This fine-dining restaurant has all the delicious choices on the menu, such as blackened grouper, shrimp and grits, lobster pasta, half roasted chicken, whole roasted fish, seared scallops, bodega chowder, and don’t forget to get some desserts, my favorite is the bread pudding!

5. Watch the sunset from the Baker’s Cay dock

It is legendary how beautiful the sunset is in the Florida Keys. I have seen sunsets from Key West, to Islamorada & Key Largo. And I can tell you with confident that the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen were all in Key Largo! In Baker’s Cay Resort you can walk out to the dock and just take a few deep breaths and enjoy the view, you won’t be disappointed!

Sunset at the Baker's Cay Resort
Sunset at the Baker’s Cay Resort

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