400 days in Miami

Miami Beach, sky-blue ocean
Beautiful Miami Beach

Some people dream about Miami, some people hate it and would never go back. But one thing is for sure: Everybody knows Miami!

And how did I get there, why did I spend so much time there and how it changed my life? You will find all the answers in this post.

I will show you Miami through a tourist's eyes and also as a girl, who jumped in the deep water and spent a whole year there, working, traveling, partying, sunbathing, and started to open up to new experiences and a new way of life.

Traveling before Miami

As a lot of people dream about America, I did too. Actually, for me it wasn't matter where I'm going, I just wanted to go. I was 18, when I really wanted to go abroad, gain experience, work, travel, and so on...but my grandma didn't want me to go, she said I have to go to university and if I finish, I can go wherever I want. So I spent 3 years studying tourism and hospitality, which gave me the opportunity to apply for an internship in the USA. That was my first year in the States, which was in Virginia. That time was good for me to learn English, have some working experience and a culture-shock in the first months, which was really positive. I literally fell in love with America, the English language, the kindness of the people, the open-mindset, the modern things, that I have never seen in Europe before. After the one year working, I've travelled for 3 weeks: Washington DC, New york, Miami, Boston, San Fransisco, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Grand Canyon, The Caribbeans. And I did the traveling mostly by myself, as a 21 years old young woman. I will tell you about all my traveling in other posts 🙂

Applied for a job in Miami

It was mid-July, when I had to leave. I knew that I want to go back and I wanted to go to Florida, close to Miami, because that was my favorite from all the cities and places I've been to. As soon as I got home, I applied to the next internship. They asked me where I wanted to go, without any hesitating I said: Miami. Not too long after the application, they called me for interviews and they told me, that a hotel from Florida, 1 hour from Miami, would like to have me as a server. I almost didn't have to pack out my luggages and I was already on my way to Miami.

I'm arriving in the beautiful Miami at around 8 pm.
Arriving in Miami...

" I almost didn't have to pack out my luggages and I was already on my way to Miami. "

Arrival in Miami

December 15, 2017 when I arrived to the beautiful, sun-kissed Miami. From the snowing, cold, wet Budapest I came to the warm, full of sunshine Miami. My heart was full of hopes and beliefs, that I made a good decision, when I applied to this job.

A couple days later, our training was started and I've seen a guy in our group. He looked so cute, intelligent and his appearance was just like a perfect guy for me. We started talking a little bit, but both of us were shy...oh, what if we would have already known, that we are going to be bride and groom a few months later?!

So this is how Miami changed my life. It gave me the love of my life, my other half, my fiancé.

Stick to a bad work place

For a whole year, we were working together in the same hotel. We hated it, but we didn't want to move or go somewhere else, because we wanted to stay together. We sticked to the worst job ever, and get stressed out every day, but we didn't have so many choices. In the meantime, I was willing to spend a lot of money on traveling or experiencing new things to at least making some memories that last for a lifetime, rather than drowning in the stressful days at my workplace.

The places we've visited

Miami Beach

Miami Beach with all its beauty, crystal blue ocean, hotels, quite crowded beach
Miami Beach

Of course. So many times. I could never get enough of Miami beach. I love the ocean, love the sand, the palm trees, the people, the millions of restaurants, hotels, bars that you can choose from, the coconut, the cocktails, that they are serving on the beach, the whole feeling, that you are on Miami Beach. It's exciting, it's unique, and really enjoyable.

Downtown Miami

There are soooo many things to do. Sightseeing, shopping, concerts, museums, parties, bars, restaurants, watching the yachts, and cruise ships leaving the port, do jet-ski, parasailing, kayaking, and the list can be continued for so long. We went to concerts in the AAA arena, went to shopping in the huge shopping malls, watched several movies in the CMX theatre, where waiters are serving you full meal, cocktails, and shrimp popcorn! Our absolute favorite! Lot of times we were just sitting close to the port and watching the boats coming and leaving, or looking at the sunset in the late hours.

Sunset in Florida
My favorite view: the sunsets.

Ultra Music Festival

One of my must-haves. I've been going to festivals since I was 15. I used to watch Ultra on Youtube and dream about going there one day. For my fiancé, this was his first music festival and he has enjoyed it so much!! Even though he didn't like electronic music before. For me, he took it. And love it! We had so much fun and made so much memories. One thing I want to mention here is our accommodation. We rented a room on Airbnb for very cheap, we were a little bit nervous, that it is a scam or something, but when we arrived, we met a beautiful person, who is not only a very smart and good person, he gave us a lot of advice on how to live a better life, gave us the motivation to start our own business, and to live our dream life together. We will be always grateful for him. You never know who you can meet during your journey!

Main stage at Ultra music festival in Downtown Miami
Ultra Music Festival


It was one of my dreams too, to watch a car racing. This is placed in Homestead, near to Miami, in the end of the year. I didn't know anybody from the racers, or anything about Nascar, but I still enjoyed it so much with my fiancé, who had tickets for it every year, but he never been, because he didn't have a company that he would have enjoyed it with. It's a good thing I came to his life!

Sport cars are racing in Nascar in Miami
Nascar race

Frost Museum

My lovely fiancé loves science and everything that's logic, human body, space, life connections. So this is a perfect place not only for him, but for everybody. From kids to teenagers, adults and elderlies, everybody can find something interesting here. There is a 360 planetarium, an exhibition about humans, animals, earth, and a little section with games to train your brain.

Coral Castle

Little bit outside of Miami, but it's really worth the drive. Wait for a tour guide, because that's what really make it interesting. The story behind the coral walls, chairs, bed, bathroom, etc. The legend says a man built up the whole coral castle by himself, for his wife. But unfortunately the wife had never seen this beautiful creature.

Everglades Alligator park, Alligator Restaurant

Absolutely gorgeous park, with hundreds of alligators, we really liked the powerboat ride, and the alligator feeding. If you are brave enough, you can try to eat an alligator meat taco or bites. We tried. I let you experience it for yourself!

Cruise ship to the Caribbeans

This is one of the most amazing thing I ever done. I will write a whole post about the cruise ship, because it's the best thing in life, the most experience you can gain in 1 week, to see so many different places, to enjoy the ship itself, the food, the drinks, the amenities, the shows, it is something that I will tell about to my grandchildren. We were sailing with Allure of the Seas. Beautiful, enormous ship with 18 decks, 6000 passengers, zip line, rock climbing wall, Aqua Theater, ice-skate rink, surfing, table tennis, mini golf, basketball court, arcade games, casino, etc. The ship takes you to beautiful islands, like Saint Martin, Puerto Rico, and Haiti. What made it more special for me is that my birthday was on cruise ship, lucky me! The crew members took the extra mile and gave me presents, such as bottle of Champagne, birthday cake from towels, or real birthday cake at the restaurant. It was a perfect week.

Life after Miami

After I've finished with my work, I've started working on our business with full attention and energy. I was working for a few weeks and then we traveled again!

For Christmas we went to the Niagara Falls, and for New Years we went to New York. You will soon read about this journey as well!

As of January 19, I had to leave. Leave my life, my work, my fiancé, my traveling, my everything in Miami. It was a good experience, good and bad times, sunshine and rain, happiness and stress, but after all, it is still my favorite city and I'm looking forward to going back 🙂

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